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andrew & holly

andrew & holly are hilarious. this was my first time getting to spend time with them in front of the camera and i want to do it again and again! as you can tell, it was such a fun, relaxed session. as a lifestyle photographer, one of my highest priorities is to make my clients feel COMFORTABLE. we take our time, we laugh, and then we shoot. the end result speaks for itself! next time, i’ll make coffee and sconesView full post »

sam, lenny & layla! |families

i love this girl! sam has been my manager at aerie here in Central IL for about 5 years now! just ask anyone who works there – i don’t think she knows how to say one mean thing about anyone. (unless it’s on a floorset night! ;)) anyways, she came to me and asked for Christmas photos and of course, I happily obliged! i can’t wait to shoot with them again and get sweet Gemma (the family dog!) in the photos.  View full post »

tullos family | day in the life

so i had the amazing opportunity to capture the tullos family as they “do life”. these are the types of lifestyle sessions i prefer. what you see in the images below is the authentic, real, beauty of life. sometimes its hard. most times there’s crying babies. but really, its that we choose the see the good in everything. we choose to capture everything and stamp it with love, and tuck it away for memories to pull up later in life. so stroll through these photos. you can seeView full post »

M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o