Helping Others Help Themselves

As 2016 has opened up, my brain has been going miles minute a million. I mean a million miles a minute! See what I mean?! This post has been on my heart for awhile. I want to touch on where I want this business to go for 2016. I’m so excited! God has casted vision into this heart!

January was filled with booking clients. To be honest, I was blown away. It was something where I had continued to give my desires to God and work as hard as I could to keep my eyes on my own paper, of sorts. Focus on what God was giving me and not compare it to any other journey that another photographer/friend was on. So onward I went. I was soaking up education. Webinars, tutorials, you name it. Welcome packets, client gifts and the like. I’ve been investing in new equipment and updating my portfolios. I wanted my clients to know that I care about them and they are the only reason that I can stay in business. I wanted to give my potential clients a reason to create a buzz about me.

Not only that, EVERYONE these days are becoming photographers. EVERYONE. What would make me stand out from all the “competition” out there? Maybe I don’t need to… Because maybe there isn’t any competition.. wait–what?!

YES. Here’s what I’m learning: Anyone who has the finances to buy a camera could and probably will call themselves a photographer. Other professionals in the industry will have the exact same camera, exact same lenses, and now, the exact same presets (unless you’re a custom creator! Good for you!!). Seriously?!

The answer is YOU. YOU and your brand is what will sell a potential client over another photographer. When a bride books me, I want her to be booking me because she is CRAZY about ME. I don’t want to be hackling prices and package elements with her and begging her that I’m worth it. She should just know through my branding and my website, “oh, I LOVE her! I NEED her & Jared shooting at my wedding!”

There’s no other competition in the market of ME. There is no other Julie Morr. A woman of God who’s been called to lead 3 humble children, leads the church in worship, is obsessed with taking physical care of myself and makes a living capturing the most beautiful representation of the love of Christ for his Bride this side of heaven. He’s given me a heart filled with laughter and a longing to make other people laugh. He’s give me a compassion for those who are hurting, who need help, need guidance and love. In turn, there is no other YOU.

Each photographer can bring something completely different to the table when it comes to the Wedding Experience, because each photographer can only bring themselves. You could have the exact same images as someone else, but what a client will remember is how you comfortable you made them feel, how relaxed you allowed them to be, or what you did to make it an unforgettable experience. That is what will get a client talking to her friends about you.

For 2016, I want to get in the business of helping other photographers find their voice… even though I’m still finding mine. When we’re helping others help themselves, we’re creating a better industry as a whole. We’re lifting the standard of wedding photography. We’re adding to the value that we know we create with each shutter click. Am I where I want to be yet? No. Am I headed in the right direction? You bet I am. Do I want to be an open book to other photographers? Yes. Should I be worried about creating competitors? No! Because no one can be ME. And no one can be YOU.

Get after it.

**Photos are taken by the ever lovely Deidre Carlson in our home last fall after Baby Bethel was born. Seriously, who doesn’t love Deidre?! <3 This post has been inspired by Katelyn James Photography. A photographer who is the epitome of the idea of helping others help themselves, and making a name for Christ doing so.

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