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It’s this beautiful lady’s 25th birthday today! Oh, to be 25 again! 😉 I had the pure joy of getting together with Kristen with what was first going to be a casual coffee date and get to know another photographer in my area — but we opted for hanging out with our cameras instead! I need a new headshot for me website, and Kristen wanted some too. So we met alongside the lovely Illinois River and chatted about business, the joys and the hard stuff of being a photog!
Before all this happened, I noticed that Kristen was launching her brand new photography business by quitting her FULL time job. She had done some portraits of my brother and sis-in-love and I couldn’t help but reach out! First, I wanted her to know that she wasn’t alone. There are SO many amazing photographers in our area, but to be honest, there will ALWAYS be weddings, so why not help and encourage one another and raise the bar collectively? Second, I wanted her to know that she CAN do THIS. From our first conversation, I knew Kristen was going to go places simply because of this: she loves people, and has a craving to learn. (And this was all just from perception, too!) When you take out the “transaction” part of the equation with each client and pursue a genuine relationship with each of them beyond client/supplier, BEAUTIFUL things begin to happen. Kristen has this amazing quality about her that makes her easy to approach and easy to get to know. This will go so far in building the brand and the business.

Kristen, here’s to an amazing year full of joys, laughs and lots of photos!


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