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Jodi & Anies are Engaged!

My afternoon with Jodi & Anies started at the Old State Capital Building in Springfield, IL. I quickly began to realize that Jodi & Anies were going to be amazing to work with. I could see it in their movements and emotions that they were so excited to finally be getting married! Jodi’s little black dress was so ON POINT. Perfect. Classy. Just right. Anies kept it class with a suit. As we strolled through downtown to Capital Ave, I noticed how open and kind Anies was to strangers.View full post »

Ely 2016

WOW!! The Ely family and I are going on round FOUR of family photos together. Gracious – how fun is that? And now, to be able to do family photos with dear Jonathan who is sweeter than honey and couldn’t possibly get any cuter is a true HONOR. Jarod & Tenneille have been such a huge encouragement to me in my current faith journey. I know the Lord had our paths meet again in this season because their ability to have huge FAITH has been an inspiration to me. They went through a prettyView full post »

Owen Cash & Gold Family

Nicole is a dear friend of mine, so I was thrilled when I got to photograph the first few weeks of her and Dylan’s new little babe, Owen Cash. Such a perfect teeny baby. He was also welcomed by his pretty older sister Livi – who will stop you in your tracks with her beauty.View full post »

Bethel 6months

Here she is. In all her glory. My sweet baby girl. Getting a little personal today. I’m not sure that words can really sum up what these last 6 months have been like with her in our lives. Bethel Annette came into this world on October 6th, 2015 and I’ve been beaming with joy ever since. Yes, even though the sleepless nights because she still refuses to sleep through the night For most of her life, most people have commented to me that she is such a happy baby — or that they have never seenView full post »

Mila Jean & Family

Carson and Leesha are some of our closest friends. Carson is the guy who Jared will text non-stop during a Golden State Warriors game just to talk about Stephen Curry. A man-level connection, I guess?! 😉 And Leesha is who I call when I need to walk through Hobby Lobby with Starbucks in hand and gaze longingly at the Christmas Decor. HA! From marriage, to one baby and now two, we’ve walked through some incredible fun (and exhausting!!) seasons with these people. And then to be able to captureView full post »

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