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Sawyer | Newborn

This little babe is the sweetest bundle of handsome. Dustin & Paige are such wonderful parents — I could already see it in the eyes as they looked at their newborn. This stage of life is not easy, and they are moving through it with such grace!! Praying blessings on Sawyer as he grows and grows!View full post »

Jordan & Kristen | Baby on the way!!

Dear friends of Jared & I, Jordan and Kristen have walked alongside us in life’s journey for a very, very long time!! From no babies to our three babies, and now we get to watch them come parents!! How exciting!! Kristen wanted some adventure before baby came and thought of doing a session in the creek!! I, of course, said YES! It was so much fun… I think part of it may have been from the Eli’s Coffee she graciously brought for me after my double header wedding weekend?!View full post »

Rachel & Brad are engaged!

I’m so excited to be photographing Rachel’s wedding. She has been a long-time friend and co-worker. You’ll be seeing her wedding here on the blog next week as she is getting married this weekend! I’m beyond excited to be a part of her special day!View full post »

Dan & Mollie are married!

Oh gracious. Where do I begin with Dan & Mollie? How about their love for Jesus? Let’s start there. Joy seeped through our conversations, and we actually didn’t even meet until our engagement session together. But when you come across a couple who is waiting, who is treasuring and who is believing.. there is a deeper anticipation that nothing of this world can quench. I believe it was put inside of us because we all are awaiting the arrival of our heavenly Bridegroom! I sincerely lovedView full post »

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