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Britt & Dallas are married!

I was so so so excited to meet with Brittany last summer to talk wedding. We were cheerleaders together since middle school!!! Now a teacher and cheer coach herself, Britt still has the beautiful charisma. DJ & Britt are perfect together as they complement each other in every way! I’m so excited to finally share these images with you!!View full post »

Sawyer | Newborn

This little babe is the sweetest bundle of handsome. Dustin & Paige are such wonderful parents — I could already see it in the eyes as they looked at their newborn. This stage of life is not easy, and they are moving through it with such grace!! Praying blessings on Sawyer as he grows and grows!View full post »

Dan & Mollie are married!

Oh gracious. Where do I begin with Dan & Mollie? How about their love for Jesus? Let’s start there. Joy seeped through our conversations, and we actually didn’t even meet until our engagement session together. But when you come across a couple who is waiting, who is treasuring and who is believing.. there is a deeper anticipation that nothing of this world can quench. I believe it was put inside of us because we all are awaiting the arrival of our heavenly Bridegroom! I sincerely lovedView full post »

Jodi & Anies are Married!

There are so many amazing notes that I could write here about Jodi & Anies and our experience together. A few immediate words come to mind: joy, authenticity, and class. Jodi held herself in an calm state despite a few mishaps earlier on in the day and popped open that bottle of champagne like no one’s business!  SHE’S GETTING MARRIED! Shortly after arriving at the Rail Golf Course in Springfield, IL, Jodi & Anies prepared to meet each other under a grove of trees on theView full post »

Travis, Lisa & Baby Ella

From a maternity session to a newborn session, this is one of my favorites. I say that because the miracle of life will never cease to amaze me. The way a little babe is formed in the womb and how God calls the baby to make his/her triumphant (literally) entrance! Lisa knows a little bit about a triumphant entrance.. I mean really, all of us MOM’s do!! Aside from all the labor and delivery, what we walk away with is this: An undying, never-stopping, never-breaking love that we’re quite positiveView full post »

Cody, Katie & Baby Bennett

If you are familiar with my blog, you will have seen this adorable couple already. Katie is a past bride and honestly, what greater compliment than to photograph her and Cody’s firstborn? No greater HONOR! I’m thrilled to share these images with them, and our blog audience as well!View full post »

Ely 2016

WOW!! The Ely family and I are going on round FOUR of family photos together. Gracious – how fun is that? And now, to be able to do family photos with dear Jonathan who is sweeter than honey and couldn’t possibly get any cuter is a true HONOR. Jarod & Tenneille have been such a huge encouragement to me in my current faith journey. I know the Lord had our paths meet again in this season because their ability to have huge FAITH has been an inspiration to me. They went through a prettyView full post »

Owen Cash & Gold Family

Nicole is a dear friend of mine, so I was thrilled when I got to photograph the first few weeks of her and Dylan’s new little babe, Owen Cash. Such a perfect teeny baby. He was also welcomed by his pretty older sister Livi – who will stop you in your tracks with her beauty.View full post »

Bethel 6months

Here she is. In all her glory. My sweet baby girl. Getting a little personal today. I’m not sure that words can really sum up what these last 6 months have been like with her in our lives. Bethel Annette came into this world on October 6th, 2015 and I’ve been beaming with joy ever since. Yes, even though the sleepless nights because she still refuses to sleep through the night For most of her life, most people have commented to me that she is such a happy baby — or that they have never seenView full post »

Mila Jean & Family

Carson and Leesha are some of our closest friends. Carson is the guy who Jared will text non-stop during a Golden State Warriors game just to talk about Stephen Curry. A man-level connection, I guess?! 😉 And Leesha is who I call when I need to walk through Hobby Lobby with Starbucks in hand and gaze longingly at the Christmas Decor. HA! From marriage, to one baby and now two, we’ve walked through some incredible fun (and exhausting!!) seasons with these people. And then to be able to captureView full post »

Kristen | Just Because!

It’s this beautiful lady’s 25th birthday today! Oh, to be 25 again! 😉 I had the pure joy of getting together with Kristen with what was first going to be a casual coffee date and get to know another photographer in my area — but we opted for hanging out with our cameras instead! I need a new headshot for me website, and Kristen wanted some too. So we met alongside the lovely Illinois River and chatted about business, the joys and the hard stuff of being a photog! Before all this happened, IView full post »

Baby Beer is Brewing!

I was so THRILLED to be contact by Katie and Cody to document their maternity journey. One of the main reasons being Jared & I shot their wedding back in 2013. Their wedding was one of my favorites, and I knew that capturing that adorable baby belly wouldn’t be any different. Katie was styled beautifully and it was made perfectly complete by her floral crown which was crafted by Brie, the owner of Splendor of Eden Katie & Cody, Jared & I pray blessings over you both as youView full post »

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